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Guinness World Record Attempt featuring the Iconic Machin – it’s 50th Anniversary!

About 10 years ago a gentleman called Peter was taking a close look at a 6½p Machin
stamp through a magnifier and he noticed that the image was made up of lots of small
dots. As he was also interested in computers he likened these ‘dots’ to pixels in a
computer image. This sparked his curiosity even further so he scanned this 6½p Machin
to the highest magnification possible at the time and he then noticed something that was
to take him on a ten year journey that has finally reached it’s destination.
He realised that a giant image of this stamp could actually be made, utilising used Machin
stamps themselves. Using a combination of mathematics, rulers and patience he made
a mosaic template for a 6½p Machin magnified 300 times and duly started to fill in the
spaces – all 110,000 of them!
During the completing of this task he found out that the record for a mosaic of this type in
the Guinness World Records is currently held by a gentleman in Spain. This offered Peter
a challenge he could not resist – after all he was already half way there – so he started
adding to his existing project.
We can now tell you that Peter has now finished his project. His mosaic measures 27
metres (88½ feet) x 9 metres (29½ feet) and comprises over half a million used Machins
– in fact there are 528,220!
The Machin Collectors Club and Tony Hender of Arun Stamps (PTS Member) are very pleased to
sponsor this record attempt. The public will be able to see the display on Thursday 9th
March 2017 – the day before the Southern England Stamp Show at Farnborough Leisure
Centre. We are very grateful for the support from Stanley Gibbons, Gibbons Stamp
Monthly, Stamp Magazine, Stamp & Coin Mart, Richard Bond (photographer), The PTS
and Bostik Ltd.

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