Expertising Terms & Conditions

Stamps or other philatelic items submitted to PTS Expertising Ltd are sent at owner’s sole risk and neither the Company, the Secretary, nor the members of the members of the Expert Committee can accept liability, either collective or individual, for loss or damage however caused. Their owners should adequately insure all goods sent to us.

PTS Expertising Ltd provides an “opinion only” and not a statement nor representation of fact. Neither PTS Expertising Ltd nor the members of the Expert Committee accepts any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed.

A request to re-examine an item on which an opinion has already been given, will normally be treated as a re-submission and a second charge will be payable. Such a second charge may be waived at the sole discretion of the committee.

Front and back high-resolution scans will be made of all items. Scans will be stored on a computer hard. Duplicate certificates will not be issued. Replacement certificates will be issued on payment of a further standard charge, provided the item is still in the same condition as when originally examined. The item will have to be inspected to verify this.

Matters arising not covered by other stated terms and conditions will be adjudicated by PTS Expertising Ltd, whose decision shall be final. In the case of a dispute arising from such an adjudication, the person or body submitting the item shall be at liberty to request the return of that item (or items) and shall owe us nothing, save the costs of their return. Following their return, PTS Expertising Ltd shall owe no further duty to the submitter.

The submission of any item will be taken to mean acceptance of these terms.

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