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About PTS Expertising

Formed in 2012 following an initiative from members of the PTS, the brief is to provide a rapid and cost effective expertisation service for the stamps of Great Britain. We do not, as yet, offer a service for the stamps of any other country.

The service is internet based, allowing members of the committee to inspect high resolution scans of items for aspects which do not necessarily require inspection of the actual stamps (such as plating), whilst other members, usually dealers, will report on the more commercial aspects, such as repairs and gum quality.

Our flat charge is based on the actual work done; we take the view that it rarely takes any longer to check out a stamp cataloguing £10,000, than it does one cataloguing any other figure and that it is not logical to base the charge on the catalogue value alone.

Our procedures are anonymous; a well-known specialist dealer will receive exactly the same impartial treatment as a newcomer to the hobby. Our flat fee structure means that we can have no financial interest – real or theoretical – in the opinion given.

Our target is to provide an opinion within 8 weeks of receipt of items (This may vary in the summer due to holidays).

We cannot at present offer opinions on:

  • Specialized shades of values upto and including the 1/- KGV, other than those major shades listed in the Stanley Gibbons “Concise” catalogue (same as the Stanley Gibbons“Commonwealth” catalogue, also known as “Part One.”)
  • Specialized Machin series
  • KEVII 3d Grey on Lemon


What we are

A body of both dealers and collectors, forming an independent company acting under the auspices of the Philatelic Traders’ Society Ltd, London, to offer expert opinion on the stamps of Great Britain.

What we do

Is to examine items sent to us and for a fee, and based on those examinations, identify against Stanley Gibbons catalogues, stating the Stanley Gibbons catalogue number and provide a written statement of our opinion of the item’s (or items’) genuineness and condition.

How to get in touch

PTS Expertising Ltd
PO BOX 155
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE20 2BB


Shown below – genuine example of a PTS Expertising Certificate


PTS Cert jpg

Other PTS recognised certificates:

Example of BPA Certificate – high resolution

Example of RPS Certificate – high resolution


PTS Expertising Ltd uses the services of recognized expert collectors and dealers. A certificate will not be issued until all those who have examined the item agree that the wording to appear on the certificate is an accurate reflection of all their opinions. At no time do we provide, nor do we offer to provide a statement of fact. Nor should our opinion be taken to be a statement or representation of fact. It is a statement of our opinion.

Neither PTS Expertising Ltd nor the members of the Expert Committee accepts any liability, either collective or individual, for any opinion expressed.

If this condition is unacceptable, please do not use our services.
The word “committee” in the text, which follows, has a variety of meanings including PTS Expertising Ltd, its expertising committee, or a single member, the company secretary or director, or anyone acting with the authority of any of the foregoing, according to context and should be read and understood accordingly.

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