PTS Arbitration


If you are in dispute with one of our members and have been unable to resolve the matter with that member, then you may wish to consider our free-to-use arbitration service. Well over 90% of matters referred to us in the past 10 years have been finalised using this facility.

Matters are considered by the full PTS Council, which is made up of members of the stamp trade – with over 300 years of experience between them – drawn from both large and small firms, trading in almost every aspect of philately.

Our adjudications are impartial; they consider the facts and do not automatically favour either side. Whilst they are not legally binding on either party, PTS members are expected to comply.

What to do

Complaints must be made in writing (or by e-mail). You may telephone us to discuss the matter first if you wish.

You should specify:

The member who is the subject of your complaint

The nature of that complaint

Why, in your opinion, the matter is not resolved (and if possible)

What you would consider a satisfactory outcome to be.

Documentary evidence may later be asked for, but is not usually required at this stage

We will then

  1.             Contact our member and set out your complaint
  2.             Ask him for his comments
  3.             See if we can recommend a solution

If no solution possible

The matter will be discussed at the next Council meeting of the Society and the parties will be advised of our adjudication shortly afterwards.


You are respectfully asked NOT to contact us, until you have made a reasonable effort to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome with the member first.

We will be unlikely to get involved when:

  • The dealer in question is not a PTS member
  • We feel the matter is trivial or vexatious
  • Legal action is being pursued, or imminent.
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