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Preview on the 158th Felzman Auction in March 2017 Special collecting areas: Ethiopian philately & Space Mail
The german Auktionshaus Felzmann has an exciting program of high quality philately and numismatics in its spring auction (7th to 11th March, 2017) for you to look forward to. In philately it will have alongside its usual high quality offer two very special collecting areas: Ethiopian philately & Space Mail. The Ethiopian special Waizero collection will be auctioned on the 9th of March (lots 4001 – 4378) and on the 10th of March the focus will be firmly set on space: the collection of Walter Hopferwieser contains more than 200 space letters (lot 6251), the second collection from Mario Villa is mainly focused on Russian space travel and has been split into several single lots, a highlight from this collection is the roundtrip “space-earth-space-earth” letter (lot 6296).
Ethiopian Philately – The Waizero Collection
The Waizero collection has been brought together over a span of decades by an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated collector. It is characterised by rare foreign usages and the corresponding franking combinations of the pre-UPU period and by essays of different postal periods with corresponding unique items. Also, the time within UPU is well represented with interesting issues including some very rare hand struck overprints for presentation purposes as well as airmail and zeppelin items.
Lot 4010 Abyssinian Campaign 1867/68 – Egyptian Po/Interpostals,1868, envelope to India franked 4 Annas (Officers rate) with “F.F.” cancellation (Payne FF1) and ms date, on reverse red cancellation Field Force Post Office “Abyssinia and Bangalore” dater (the letter written by Capt. Elliot sent to his wife via his Commanding Officer), starting price: 750 Euro
Lot 4016 1894-1908 Ethiopian Pre-UPU-Period | 1894 – First Empire Definitives, 1894, “Menelik Sultan of the Nile”, 3 Die proofs – essays of unadopted design without value, in orange, carmine, and black on white, ungummed paper, very fine and scarce, cert. Holcombe, starting price: 2,500 Euro
Lot 4021 1894-1908 Ethiopian Pre-UPU-Period | 1894 – First Empire Definitives, 1900, ½ G. red postal stationery card, addressed to Geneve/Switzerland, franked pair ¼ G. Menelik (Entotto cancellation), marked “Harar Poste Francaise” (HR4), additionally franked Djibouti 10. C. for foreign postage, sent via Djibouti to Europe with arrival marking, written and signed by H. Mühle, exhibition item, starting price: 1,200 Euro
Lot 4211 1909-1936 UPU-ACCESSION/Airmail/Overprints, 1931, Ordinary Definitives: 1/8 G. – 5 Th., cpl. set in adopted colours on WHITE SILK, imperforated. Original prints from the “INSTITUT DE GRAVURE – PARIS”, appealing RARITY, starting price: 2,500 Euro
Space Mail
The great dream of mankind to overcome gravity and explore the universe has been around since time immemorial, and started to come to fruition in the middle of the 20th century. Laika the Russian space dog – the first creature in space in 1957, Yuri Gagarin the first man in space in 1961, Neil Armstrong in 1969 taking the first step on the moon. All of these milestones and more are burned into the collective conscious of mankind. It wasn’t always a friendly race to the stars, but it certainly was a competitive one that led to the great powers – Russia, America, and later China – to build the space stations: Soyuz, Skylab, MIR and later the ISS, the International Space Station. Many of these unique events were documented by envelopes and artefacts that were either officially issued by space agencies or were private documents belonging to the cosmonauts and astronauts, revealing an intimate look into their thought processes at the time. Auktionshaus Felzmann is extremely proud to be able to present a large number of these sometimes unique items that document this historical process from the Russian and American space race to you. In addition to the Apollo letters, that were actually on the moon (including the most expensive piece of space philately known to us), there is also a large amount of original pieces documenting the Russian and American space travel.
Lot 6238 Space Mail, USA 1971, APOLLO 14, Moon Landing Letter No. 54 of 55, illustrated cover, this piece was physically present on the moon, incl. complete signature of lunar module pilot Edgar Mitchell, all postmarks and a confirmation card (attested by a public notary), signed in Edgar Mitchells (!) own hand. Signed Bolaffi and Diena with correlating photo certificates – a top piece of Lunar and the entirety of Astro Philately, staring price: 18,000 Euro
Lot 6240 Space Mail, USA 1972, APOLLO 16, Moon Landing Letter No. 14 of 25, illustrated astronaut cover, this piece was physically present on the moon – exposed to the vacuum of space – incl. complete signature of lunar module pilot Charlie Duke, all postmarks and signed in Charlie Dukes own hand on the reverse side of the cover! Another top piece of Lunar and the entirety of Astro Philately with a formerly achieved hammer price of €170,000 – to date the most expensive Astro Philately cover sold, see Hopferwieser, pg. 226, starting price: 50,000 Euro
Lot 6251 “LIFE IN SPACE” – VISION / REALISATION / COMMUNICATION, 1972-2016, the fascination and spell of Space Philately with approx. 210 cosmic covers of Soviet and Russian missions starting with Sojus 12, followed by Saljut 3/Sojus 15 and the following space stations Saljut 4 to 7, whose development and (partly short) life cycle get profusely documented. Chronologically succeeded by the several MIR stages and the international co-operation regarding the ISS – every single piece has been physically in space! Most of the Sojus and Space Shuttle flights to the MIR and ISS are included as-well as unmanned Soviet and Russian Progress, European ATV, Japanese HTV, and American Dragon and Cygnus resupply flights. An impressive number of these covers, which have travelled in total billions of kilometres in space, got signed by space travellers – incl. some complete Shuttle Crew signatures. Most of the more than 80 covers incl. content are one of a kinds from exceptional people – many of those holding records. You can see private New Years Eve wishes of the cosmonaut Juri Romanenko to his family from 1978, a cover from the team physician Wadim Schewtchenko which got transported by Discovery STS-128 to the ISS, extensive covers of Gennadi Padalka (record holder as the human who was longest in space), covers being transported to earth with the last flights of the Space Shuttles Endeavour STS-134 and Atlantis STS-135, and many more. With this specific focus and its completeness unrepeatable collection (see the complete set of images in our online catalogue and the detailed specific list of items). Ex Walter Hopferwieser, international subject matter expert and author of the compendium “Pionierraketenpost und kosmische Post” (Pioneer Rocket Mail and Cosmic Mail), ANK-Verlag 2016; one copy enclosed with inscription by his own hand “Ad astra!” and additional cosmonaut signatures. Kindly note the incomplete excerpt in our photo board.starting price: 100,000 Euro
Lot 6296 Space Mail, ISS / STS-96, cosmogram from Valeri Tokarev, written on the module “Zaria” MS 5 (Mission Specialist 5) to his friend, cosmonaut Victor Afanasiev, commander of space station MIR, with ISS seal, transported to earth on 6.6.1999, shipped by registered mail at 15.06.1999 from Nassau via Jamaica to Russia with all necessary postmarks. Again launched into space with supply spacecraft Progress M-42 at 16.07.1999 with MIR board seal, and after more than three months in space finally undocking at 28.08.99 on board of Sojus TM-29. Unique “space-roundtrip-letter” space-earth-space-earth between two different space stations, with content an R-label. Well known and unique top item of space philately. Starting price: 50,000 Euro


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