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National Stamp Celebration Day
Exclusive invite into The Royal Philatelic Society London

National Stamp Day Celebration

Launching this May, 2017, National Stamp Celebration Day will be held to celebrate the hobby.   The Day will be held on 4th May to commemorate the world’s first ever adhesive postage stamp – the Penny Black.   The stamp was first issued on 1st May 1840 and officially used from 6th May 1840.  National Stamp Celebration Day is about driving awareness for a wonderful hobby and to engage people in one of the UK’s biggest inventions.   Even to this day, we don’t have to have the name of our country on the stamps, as people expect that they originated in Great Britain.


To launch National Stamp Celebration Day this year, The Royal Philatelic Society London – the oldest extant “stamp club” in the world – is opening its doors to welcome non-members into their world. This very exciting opportunity will give people the chance to bring in their ‘Stamps in the Attic’ collections and have them reviewed by a collector.  This is a wonderful way to get back into the hobby and find out how and why you should collect stamps.


Frank Walton President of The Royal comments ‘We are absolutely delighted to be taking part in launching National Stamp Celebration Day and inviting people into The Royal.    It is important to us to increase the awareness for the hobby and to showcase what we do as a Society.  We have a wonderful history and are excited to share that’.


The ‘Royal’ will open from 10am – 4pm on 4th May, but it is strictly RSVP only. Please RSVP to (Adminmanager@rpsl.org.uk) Secretary of The Royal Philatelic Society London to secure a place




About The Royal

The Royal is the oldest Philatelic Society in the world founded on 10th April 1869.  Her Majesty the Queen is the current patron, every September a special meeting is held and a portion of Her Majesty’s collection is displayed to Members and Fellows.  Her Majesty takes a keen interest in stamp issues and her collection, originally amassed by George V is maintained and added to by  the Keeper.



About The Philatelic Traders’ Society

Formed in 1929 by a group of established stamp dealers, The Philatelic Traders’ Society was created to act for and on behalf of its members for the good of philately. With a Code of Ethics and a service for dispute resolution, The Philatelic Traders’ Society is regarded as a reputable organisation within the industry, upholding the values of honesty and integrity. The PTS also organises Stampex – the UK’s leading biennial philatelic exhibition.



About National Stamp Celebration Day

This celebration of stamps will be held annually from 2017.  We want to increase awareness for philately, celebrate the hobby and engage both a new and existing audience.  Each year information on the day will be on the Philatelic Traders’ Society website www.thepts.net

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