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Need an import/export agent in the UK?
For importing and exporting goods including those taken to exhibitions

Specialist Freight and Customs Brokerage

If you are thinking of exhibiting at Stampex, we can offer a simple solution to navigating the import/export laws in the UK. Stampex and The PTS can recommend Five Star Freight Systems (based near Heathrow Airport, London but who also handle import/export at all major UK airports) who provide a comprehensive customs brokerage service which enables overseas exhibitors and traders to enter into the UK simply (and legally) by providing full VAT accreditation.
A schedule of all goods of all goods in transit is required prior to entering the UK, which must be updated upon leaving. Photographic proof of items may be required.
For more details on this service please visit: http://www.fivestarfreight.com/customs-brokerage


Contact Details:
Five Star Freight Systems Limited
The Mill, Horton Road
Stanwell Moor
TW19 6BJ
T: +44 (0)1753 686901
F: +44 (0)1753 686801
E: info@fivestarfreight.com


• You may also find this document concerning import and export presented by The London Chamber of Commerce of interest:

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